VIII BSJ Regulations for main runs



  1. The Organizer of “VIII Jacek Run in Siedlce” is the Agency for Development of Siedlce City Ltd., Jana Pawła II 6, 08-110 Siedlce, tel. 25 644 23 99 extension number 203,
  2. Co-organizer of the run:
  • Sports Association Yulo Run Team Siedlce, Czerwonego Krzyża 41, 08-110 Siedlce
  • Sports Club Luki Team Siedlce, Gen. Orlicz-Dreszera 8/50, 08-110 Siedlce.
  1. Run is held under the honorable auspices of the President of Siedlce City.


  1. To promulgate running as the easiest form of physical activity.
  2. To promote physical activities among the citizens of Siedlce and its surroundings.
  3. To promote Siedlce and the region of Siedlce.
  4. To offer to the youth the alternative way of spending free time when running.


  1. Jacek Run in Siedlce will be held on 27 August 2017.
  2. The start will be at the premises of Regional Centre of Sport, Recreation, Rehabilitation and Tourism in Siedlce (ROSRRiT), at Jana Pawła II 6, 08-110 Siedlce.
    The finish of all main runs will be at the premises of ROSRRiT.
  3. The distance of main run is respectively: 5 km and 21,097 km. Routes have the certificate of PZLA.
  4. Each kilometer of the route will be labeled.
  5. Measuring of time will be done by electronic chips of single use, fixed in the starting number of each participant. The order of participants at the finish line will be done based on the achieved gross time.
  6. The competitors are bound by the time limit which is 45 minutes of running on the distance of 5 km and180 minutes on half-marathon distance 21,097 km. After exceeding this time the participants who have not finished the run are obliged to stop the run and leave the route.
  7. Runs for children and Nordic walking march have separate regulations.


  1. Feeding and drinking points will be located every 2 km.
  2. There are three control points of time measuring on the route of half-marathon.


  1. Every person may take part in „Jacek Run in Siedlce” who on the day of event turned 18 (starting for 21.097 km) or 12 (starting for 5 km). 
  2. Minor persons may take part in the event only under the written consent of statutory guardian. The template of the statement available at: and the Bureau of the Competition.
  3. Participant limit in main runs is 1000 persons. The organizer reserves the right to close down the application procedures in the case the list of participants is full.
  4. All participants of competition must be verified in the Bureau of the Run which will be located on the premises of ROSRRiT at Jana Pawła II 6 in Siedlce. Bureau of the Run will operate on 24-27 April, 2017.
  5. During verification, the contestants must possess the document with a photo in order to verify the age and personal data. Disabled contestants should have additionally the disability certificate.
  6. The condition when the person may take part in the run is affixed by hand the statement on lack of medical contraindications to participate in the run, available at: and in Bureau of the Competition.
  7. Decisions of medical service of the competition as to continue the run or not are final and unchangeable.
  8. Starting packs may be collected only in the Bureau of the Competition on 24-27 August 2016 in opening hours. After 27 August it won't be possible to collect a starting pack.
    The starting pack of participant may be collected by the other person who will show the copy of the ID card of participant together with filled in statement which template available at:


  1. Applications to Jacek Run in Siedlce will be collected through application form available at: and in Bureau of the Run.
  2. Electronic applications will start on 28 August 2016 and will be accepted by sending an application form available at: (until 13 August 2017 till 23:59:59).
  3. In case there are free places left, it will be possible to file an application to participate in the run in Bureau of the Competition (on days and hours given in point V.4).
  4. Administrative fee for participation in the run depends on the time of payment and is as follows:


28.08.16 – 31.08.16

01.09.2016 – 31.12.16

01.01.17 – 31.07.17

01.08.17 – 13.08.17


5 km

30 zł*

35 zł*

40 zł*

45 zł*

80 zł*

21,097 km

40 zł*

50 zł*

55 zł*

60 zł*

100 zł*

* 5 PLN from each administrative fee will be transferred to finance the anti-doping control 

  1. The fee should be paid online by following the instructions in registration form or in cash in Bureau of the Run.
  2. Each participant is obliged to pay a starting fee within 7 days from the moment of filing the application form. If, the application will be canceled. If the application form will be sent online the starting fee must be paid not later than 11 August 2017 until 23:59:59.
  3. If the starting fees are transferred to the organizer's account after 4 August 2017, it will be necessary to show the printed form of the proof of this payment in the Bureau of the Run.
  4. Payment is not paid back to the candidate for participation in the competition. It is not possible to move the payment to other participant.
  5. For this payment each participant gets:
    - starting number with four safety pins,
    - the regeneration meal after the run,
    - 0.5 liter of still water after the run,
    - memorial medal on the finish (if the participant completes the run)
    - technical T-shirt.
  6. Application and payment completed till 31 July 2017 guarantees receiving technical T-shirt of a chosen size. The organizer will make every effort to ensure that each participant receives a T-shirt size declared in the application, but due to organizational and technical reasons this cannot be guaranteed.


  1. In main runs the following classifications will be conducted:
    1. General classification women and men.
    2. Age classification women and men.
    3. Best Polish Man and Best Polish Woman classification.
    4. Best citizen (man/woman) of Siedlce.
    5. Women and men with disabilities classification.
    6. Classification for the Best Novice and Veteran of the Jacek Run in Siedlce in category women and men.
      - Novice, is a person who runs for the first time in the Jacek Run in Siedlce.
      - Veteran, is a person who completed at least four runs in any four editions of the Jacek Run in Siedlce.
    7. Master of the Last Straight
  1. The participants of a run, if they want to take part in classifications: Novice/Veteran/Disabled/Active Wheelchair must tick particular option in the application form.
  2. All competitors who complete the main run will be awarded with a memorial medal on the finish.
  3. The organizer will provide both money and in-kind rewards. Separate regulation of rewards will be published at:, not later than 01 August 2017.
  4. Money rewards won by the participants of the competition will be distributed only via money transfer to the designated bank account of the competitor (rewards will not be paid out on hand) after getting the protocol of Committee to Counteract Doping in Sport.
  5. The money reward will be paid to the competitors only if they provide the Organizer with the bank account number on a special template on the day of the run to Bureau of the Run personally, or via e-mail/mail at the address of the Organizer not later then 7 days after finishing the event (date of postal stamp is valid).
  6. The Organizer will carry on the drawing of in-kind rewards among all participants of the main runs.


  1. Unofficial results of the run will be published at – directly after the run.
  2. Official results of the run will be published at in 30 days after receiving the final protocol of Committee to Counteract Doping in Sport.
  3. The anti-doping control (including EPO) will apply to all runners who take I, II and III place in general category of women and men in the run for 5 km and in half-marathon. In case of finding doping forbidden according to the list WADA in probe „A”, the competitor will be informed about possibility of taking probe „B” on his own cost. Details of appeal procedure will be provided to the competitor by the Organizer.
  4. The Organizer reserves the right to additionally carry out the anti-doping control among the random competitors.


  1. Main runs are counted to the cycle „Grand Prix of Brzeski Route”. More information at:
  2. Each participant is obliged to read the regulation of the runs, and when signing the respective statement is obliged to apply to it.
  3. Each participant of the run is obliged, under the threat of being disqualified, to put a starting number on your chest.
  4. Participant acknowledges that participation in the run is connected with physical effort and is connected with a natural risk of injuries to the body, accident and physical pain and suffering (including death), as well as financial damages. Moreover, other risky factors, which cannot be known in advance, may be connected with participation in the competition. By signing the statement, the participant at the same time gives consent to the medical personnel and paramedics, who act on behalf of the Organizer, to be provided with first aid, other medical procedures and be transported to the safe place.
  5. Each participant during verification process signs the statement that he agrees to have his personal data processed by the Agency for Development of Siedlce City Ltd. with its registered office in Siedlce at ul. Jana Pawła II 6, according to the provisions of the Act on Personal Data Protection on 29 August 1997 (Journal of Laws from 2014, position 1182, later amended).
  6. The run will be conducted according to the rules of Polish Association of Athletics (PZLA). The participants of the run are bound by this regulation and general provisions of Polish Association of Athletics. The Organizer appoints the Court Referee and the referees with agreement of OLZA in Siedlce.
  7. The event is insured on general rules. The Organizer does not provide to the Participants of the competition a group accident insurance.
  8. The participants are responsible for buying the accident insurance and will not bring claims against the Organizer to get any damages for an injury or health impairment that may happen during the run.
  9. The Organizer provides medical care on the whole route of the run.
  10. The Organizer provides changing rooms and lodgement on the premises of Regional Center of Sport, Recreation, Rehabilitation and Tourism in Siedlce (ROSRRiT).
  11. The Organizer does not take responsibility for items lost during the event.
  12. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the run or to stop the run at any time due to important factors difficult to predict in advance.
  13. A written protest against the organization of the run should be reported to the Organizer within 1 hour from the moment the results are announced. The protests are settled by the director of the Run, whose decisions are irrevocable.
  14. The final and biding interpretation of this regulation depends on the Organizer.
  15. The matters not mentioned in this regulation are settled by the Organizer.
  16. The Organizer reserves the right to introduce alterations to this regulation 7 days before the event.


Director of the Run: Grzegorz Orzełowski